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What is app re-skinning?

Re-skinning an app is a process wherein you would simply switch or change the graphics of a certain app, but retain the game play. It works well with almost any app, from games to some simple productivity apps.

For example, you have to pick one of our games. We then add the game name that you select with your brand. The only thing that you change is really the ‘skin’ of the app.

Why would I want to simply re-skin an app?

We have to admit that publishers and developers want one thing from their apps: profits and revenue. By re-skinning an app, you don’t have to actually go through all the hassle of programming everything. So in that sense, you get to save money because you don’t have to hire people to code for you, or to design an interface for you. Hence, the biggest advantage of re-skinning an app would be to save costs.

The second advantage would be time. Since you already have a working code, you just need to technically put on all the graphics.

Without the need to start from base up, you really save time, we pass this savings on to you in the form of our low cost. You can easily release your own app within a week.

Won’t people get tired of seeing the same game all over again?

Not really. Just try to take a look in the App Store now and compare the number of apps with the same gameplay or same content, save for a few tweaks. There are actually quite a number of them. In fact, flipping apps is already an emerging trend in various app stores because it allows developers to really get their revenues up.

What about the costs? Isn’t it expensive to own a game?

We provide a fully developed game with your brand logo and your choice of game name for $150.00 USD.

Simply play any of our games, pick one you like, give us your art work and tell us what you would like to call your new game. We can even add Google ADMob ads to your new game for free.

Our Skills

We have a team of 25+ technical experts in which everyone is highly qualified and skilled in their respective realm with splendid experience. From Game Design Document to Final Release, Maintenance and Support we are made up of seasoned game designers, artists, mobile developers, project managers, UI designers and QA engineers, our team has a knack for blending intellectual problem-solving techniques with entertaining and educational approach to deliver highly interactive and captivating user experience.

OwnThisGame.com has been founded with the idea of offering one-stop shop capabilities to our customers. By teaming up with us, you’re guaranteed to receive top quality full-cycle services and expert guidance every step of the way.

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