Chicken Run – Endless Flying Chicken Runner

Chicken Run - Endless Flying Chicken Runner

Chicken Run – Endless Flying Chicken Runner

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Product Description brings to you Chicken Run, a one touch endless runner or in this case, flying game.

Play as a chicken, running around on his quest to collect eggs.

Avoid obstacles by flying over them and dodge incoming birds.

Use different powers ups to your advantage like magnets, shields and lightning to smite your foes.

Chicken Run Features:

★ Play as a chicken and run through two exciting worlds.
★ Collect power ups to help smite your enemies.
★ Embark on your quest to collect eggs in order to get the best high score.
★ Sprint through the levels while you dodge obstacles and fly over them.

Chicken run is an endless runner where you can sprint through two different worlds. Run and dodge through incoming enemies while flying over obstacles. Sprint through the level while collecting eggs to get the highest score. Find power ups such as magnets to help collect eggs, shields to protect yourself and lightning to smite your enemies.

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